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The Letter of James Bible Study Guide by Cathy Deddo

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God, the Bible and the Shack. By Gary and Cathy Deddo
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These studies look at the overwhelming goodness of the Triune God. Depicted by Andrei Rublev's icon of The Holy Trinity.

The Letter of James Bible Study Guide

The Letter of James Bible Study Guide

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Almost three years ago, a few people asked me if I would write a study guide to the letter of James for use by individuals and small groups. As I took the time to study the text more carefully, look at the Greek and background information, I found myself discovering deeper connections and meanings than I had before and was greatly blessed personally by this in depth study. I put this all together in a book so that readers could join me in the journey through this wonderful letter. The Letter of James: Meeting the Father of Lights in the Midst of Our Darkness is finally available in print.

The book is unique in that it combines manuscript study, study questions, commentary, study notes and group discussion guides. I put this together in a way that matches just what I've been doing for years in leading Bible studies. So, it encourages lots of interaction with the text but it also provides plenty of background information to help us hear the real message of James.

You can read here the introduction to the book to get an idea of my approach to Bible study. You can also look through one of the chapters to get a feel for the how the studies work and help us dig deep into James's wonderful message. James helps us see see more clearly the triune God in a way that feeds our faith which actually does enable us to go through the trials of life with his peace and joy.



You can order and pay for your book(s) through the PayPal button or you can email me at: TheLetterofJamesStudy@gmail.com to arrange for other payment options.

If you'd like to buy a copy, the cost is $14 plus shipping. *If you want to order 5 or more copies for a group study, the discounted cost is $12 per book, plus shipping.

For International sales and shipping contact me at: TheLetterofJamesStudy@gmail.com


Shipping in the continental US is $3.50 for the first book and then an additional $0.50 per book, for 2 to 5 copies. If you want to order more than 5 copies, then email me at: theLetterofJamesStudy@gmail.com for shipping costs.


“Cathy Deddo has done the church a great service in providing a model of faithful Scripture study that honors the Bible as the book that leads us to know God. This guide through the Letter of James will nourish the reader’s faith as well as provide a model for studying any other book of the Bible.”
Scott W. Sunquist, Dean, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California

“Cathy Deddo's guide to James ... led our Bible study to discover what God is like rather than offering shallow answers to simplistic questions with no application. No matter what background, age, or level of knowledge, everyone could participate because everyone could relate to Cathy's teaching. It's great!”
Kevin Moody, Director of Voice and Choral Programs, Alvin Community College, Pearland, Texas

“This is a supremely well-crafted resource for Bible study….I simply could not recommend this book more highly. If you have not yet planned a Bible study, this is an outstanding reason to do so!"
Alan J. Torrance, Professor of Systematic Theology, St. Andrews University, Scotland

“Cathy Deddo is an extraordinary writer. Her Bible study on James provided our church adult education class deep insights into Scripture, along with great questions for discussion. Five Stars!”
William Price, Attorney at Law, Warrenville, Illinois

“Our group of missionary women thoroughly enjoyed Cathy’s study. She explains these passages in an honest, helpful way using everyday language and examples from a mother's life and her years of ministry experience.”
Susanna Smoak, missionary, Action International Ministries, Brazil

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